Introduction to Git Version control and Getting Started with Git step by step

Are you tired of taking backups of your multiple files and facing syncing errors of your files ? Do you have any central place where you can store your files with proper versions and history ? Most of us faced this issue of file sync issues or how to control you same files with some updates. Git is a version control which solves all these issues & has grown the popularity for the way it works .

In this tutorial we will discuss what is version control , what are types of version controls and how to install git a version controller on windows machine and then setup to working with it.

Table of Content

  1. What is Git ?
  2. How to Install git version 2.31.0 on Windows machine?
  3. Three types of control versions
  4. Setting up Git Bash on windows machine
  5. Summary

What is Git ?

Git is a version control which means if you have lots of file and each of these files are updated with few changes from the previous one then you need some way to handle it and this is taken care very well by Git. Sometimes you need to revert the changes back to previous state or you need to check few things of a month back , those all things are maintained by version control very well.

Three types of control versions

  • Local control version – In this case you take files from version control database to your local machine it’s just like a copy from one folder to other. In this case no team member knows what you are doing.
  • Centralized control version – In this case you can checkout files from centralized location which is better than local control as team is aware about the project and what team members are doing but in case if server goes down nobody will have full backup as in complete repository data and can cause significant loss. Example: SVN, subversion
  • Distributed control version: This is version control which manages everything in distributed way that means when you clone any repository it takes all data of one repository and copies on your local machine. Git is among the distributed control version

How to Install git version 2.31.0 on Windows machine

  • Open your browser and click on the link here so that installation starts automatically.
  • Now Click on the downloaded Git-2.31.0-64-bit.exe and select YES
  • Follow along with me and click the Next button and in most of the case select default values which are already selected
  • Select the location on your system where you like to place GIT installation files.
  • It is better to add it on Desktop
  • Please select the recommended
  • Here you will be asked to choose SSH executable and select OpenSSH. This will allow us to work with SSH connections such as logging into Linux machine.
  • Use MinTTY as default
  • Finally Git is launched on your machine and GIT bash will be available to use.

Setting up Git Bash on windows machine

  • Let us verify is Open SSH is working from Git Bash.
  • Now, you can check the config file where you can modify some configurations if required and to check that run the command below.
git config --list --show-origin
  • You can modify the global name while using Git by using below command
  • Check all your settings by using command
git config --list


You should have a basic knowledge of what Git is and how it’s different from any centralized version control systems you may have been using previously. You should also now have a working version of Git on your system that’s set up with your personal identity.