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How to run Node.js applications on Docker Engine

Table of content What is Node.js ? What is docker ? Prerequisites How to Install Node.js on ubuntu machine Install Node.js Express Web Framework Create a Node.js Application Create a Docker file for Nodejs application Build Docker Image Run the Nodejs application on a Container Conclusion What is Node.js ? Node.js is an open source

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How to run Python flask applications on Docker Engine

Cannot we isolate our apps so that they are independent of each other and run perfectly ? The answer is absolutely “YES”, that correct that’s very much possible with docker and containers. They provide you isolated environment and are your friend for deploying many applications with each taking its own container. You can run as

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How to Setup Docker step by step on Ubuntu machine

I am sure most of you have installed lots of application on single Virtual machine and faced challenges while maintaining them and facing memory or system issues and things become more ugly when you troubleshoot each application to fix the problem. What should one do ? Cannot we isolate our apps so that we can

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