Performance Tuning OS

Linux File System Tuning: Currently we are mostly using ext4 and earlier it was NTFS,ext2,ext3.

  1. tune2fs
  • tune2fs command: We can adjust some parameters on ext2,ext 3 Like it helps in saving the space on superblocks, reserved blocks
  • tune2fs -c ( Disable File system checking
  • tune2fs -r ( remove more space from reserved blocks)
  • tune2fs -m ( To free memory)

2. e2fsck

  • e2fsck command: e2fsck utility checks an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
  • e2fsck – c ( Checks for Bad Block)
  • e2fsck – f ( Clean File system)
  • e2fsck – v ( Verbose Mode)

3. badblocks command :

It checks for Bad Blocks

4 . Disabling File Access Time

Whenever Linux reads a file, it changes the last access time (known as the atime).

If not, you can disable the atime setting for a directory by typing this: chattr –R +A /path/to/directory

5. Kernel Settings:

/etc/sysctl.conf – Update this file such as sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_retries 2=20 , these help in fine tuning.

Fine tune software’s or web servers such as MYSQL or Apache

Always look at the configuration file of your package or software’s regularly

  • /etc/apache2/apache2.conf – Ideally remove all the modules which are not required for this to work
  • Keep checks on Key Buffer usage by Key_reads and key_read_requests in MYSQL.

1. Reduce the Default grub load time

  • Edit the FIle using vi /etc/default/grub
  • Update the value to 0 or 2
  • Finally run update-grub command.

2. Use Sleep command

In order to install some packages via scripts make sure to use sleep command so that your installation works smoothly and no packages cause affected. It also can also protect the repositories being corrupted if different libraries or binaries conflict in multiple installation at the same time.( Although chances are very less almost equal to nill)

3. Install Preload Application.

Preload is a daemon that runs in the background and analyzes user behavior and frequently run applications . It analyses which binaries and libraries user can run next , so it fetch those in memory to increase the startup time of the application.

USAGE: apt-get install preload and Restart your Machine.