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Hello Everyone, I am Shanky, the technical writer, DevOps consultant, and the founder of automateinfra.com, who beliefs in writing the best content on DevOps, IT technologies and sharing it with the world. My mission has always remained the same: learn new technologies by doing hands-on practice, deep-dive into them, and teach the world in the easiest possible way.

I have good exposure to DevOps technologies such as AWS cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, etc. After working for about a decade with various tech corporations realized that writing is the best way to express my hands-on skills and teach the IT world.

I have added numerous self-designed technical posts on automateinfra.com, which attract the audience, and they find it very helpful. The automateinfra.com receives roughly 10000 unique visitors every month.

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I have written dozens of technical blog posts for multiple clients, and they rank higher on the search engines. If you are looking for a technical writer in DevOps and around the technical stuff, I am always available to write for you on your site or on automateinfra.com, and I can be reached at support@automateinfra.com or automateinfra@gmail.com.

NOTE: Yes, we accept guest blog posts on automateinfra.com, and if you are interested, feel free to email support@automateinfra.com or automateinfra@gmail.com or fill the form below, which will deliver your message in my mailbox directly.