Coding by Engineer-Cloud

We all work with lot many applications , servers , internet and tools to see the end product with lot many efforts and days of hard work. In today’s digital world things are evolving very rapidly and running at a very high pace. In order to work with fast growing applications and platforms we certainly need some tools, scripts and code that can ease life of both developer and sysadmins. talking more about these tools help us with cost reductions and tons of our time by removing duplicate manual work. So, Lets see some of the code by our CODE GURU . This tutorial is a demonstration of code so below tools and script will be redirected to specific git repositories . To make code look simpler and easy to understand we have added necessary comments where-ever required. So, lets get started

Click here to view Terraform Modules
Click here to view Jenkins File
Click here to view Containerization Code
Click here to view Shell Scripts
Click here to view Python Scripts
Click here to view Ansible Playbooks

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  1. Hi,

    I am a Sysadmin and looking to drift my career towards Cloud and DevOps.

    Please let me how if you provide trainings for the same.

    Ashish Arya


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