Ansible Question and Ans Part-3

Q1. Is Ansible agentless ?

Answer: Yes, Ansible is an open source tool that is agentless.

Q2. What is Primary use of Ansible ?

Answer: Ansible can be used in IT Infrastructure to manage and deploy software application on remote machines.

Q3. What are Ansible Hosts ?

Answer: Ansible hosts are machines or nodes on which Ansible controller host deploys the software’s. Ansible host could be Linux, RedHat, Windows, etc.

Q4. What is CI (Continuous Integration) ?

Answer: CI also known as Continuous integration is primarily used by developers. Successful Continuous integration means when developers code is built , tested and then pushed to Shared repository whenever there is a change in code.

Q5. What is the main purpose of role in Ansible ?

Answer: The main purpose of role is to reuse the content again. There are multiple configuration files or content that needs to be declared at various places and in various modules, to minimize the re-code work roles are used.

Q6. What is Control Node?

Answer: The node on which Ansible is installed. Make sure Python is already installed on machine prior to installing Ansible.

Q7. Can you have Windows machine as Controller node ?

Answer: No.

Q8. What is the other name of Hosts?

Answer: Hosts can also be called as Managed nodes. Ansible is not installed on managed nodes.

Q9. What is host file in Ansible ?

Answer: Inventory file is also known as host file in Ansible.

Q10. What is collections in Ansible ?

Answer: Collections is a distribution format that include playbooks, roles, modules, plugins.

Q11. What is Module in Ansible.

Answer: Ansible has various modules which have a specific purpose such as copying the data, adding a user and many more. You can invoke a single module within a task defined in playbooks or several different modules in a playbook.

Q12. What is task in Ansible ?

Answer: To perform any action you need a task. Similarly in Ansible you need a task to run modules. For Ansible ad hoc command you can execute task only once.

Q13. What is Ansible Playbook?

Answer: Ordered lists of tasks, saved so you can run those tasks in that order repeatedly.

Q14. Where do you create basic inventory in Ansible?

Answer: /etc/ansible/hosts

Q15. What is Ansible Tower ?

Answer: Ansible tower is web based solution that makes Ansible even more to easy to use for IT teams. Ansible tower can be used for upto 10 nodes. It captures all recent activities like status of host . It integrates with notification’s about all necessary updates. It also schedules Ansible Jobs very well.

Q16. What is the command for running a playbook?

Answer: ansible-playbook my_playbook.

Q17. On which protocol does Ansible communicate to remote node?

Answer: SSH

Q18. How to use ping module to ping all the nodes?


ansible all -m ping

Q19. Provide an example to run a live command on all of your nodes?


ansible all -a "/bin/echo hello"

Q20. How to run ansible command with privilege escalation (sudo and similar) ?


ansible all -m ping -u adam --become