How to Install and Setup Visual studio code on Windows machine

Are you a developer ? If you work with various languages and you need a code editor that to make lots of different programs you need a platform that is code editor. You have come to right place to learn about one of the world most widely used code editor that is Visual Studio Code.

In this tutorial we will learn what is visual studio code and how to install and work with visual studio code. Also we will go through the installation of extensions and run a program. Please follow along .

Table of content

  • What is Visual studio code?
  • Prerequisites
  • Install and setup Visual studio code
  • Setup Visual studio code with extension’s and plugins.
  • Conclusion

What is Visual studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is a very light weighted code editor which can be installed in multiple operating systems such as windows operating system, Linux and macOS . The beautify about this code editor is it can work with various languages together. It has a very high support for multiple languages. Also it has strong plugin installation capabilities.

Let us see various benefits of Visual Studio Code.

  • It can automatically complete the your code variables , methods and module because of its intelligent nature.
  • it comes with variety of in built themes which can be used while running the code.
  • It works with top extensions in industry which provides ease to use code inside the editor.


  • You must have windows 7 + machine
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher is required

If you dont have .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher , please install from here

Install and setup Visual studio code

  • Browse to google chrome and click on the link here
  • Now Click on the windows zip installer as below.
  • Now zip file will start downloading on your machine. Extract the zip file and run the code file.
  • Now your visual studio code main screen show pop up.
  • By now we are done with Visual studio code installation , now we can move with setup part where we will install some extensions which are very useful and being widely used by developers.

Setup Visual studio code with extension’s and plugins.

Visual studio code installation is pretty straightforward and is a simple installation which covers very basic features to get you started. But as you learn more languages and tools then you might require some more plugins and extensions. With more extensions you make editor more better and useful.

Let us do a installation of python extension in Visual studio code:

  • Firstly install python from official site of python on your machine. We have another post for how to install python on windows machine , you can refer it .
  • Now, run the command on command prompt to verify if python is successfully installed on your machine.
  • Now come back to Visual studio code and click on extension’s and search for python
  • Now click on Install
  • It takes few seconds to install the extension and as soon as it gets installed , it will reflect in installed
  • As soon as python extension is installed you will notice at the bottom status bar will show you Python interpreter details.
  • Now create a folder on desktop and name it as python or whatever you like and create a file inside it and name it
  • Come back to Visual studio and click on the File on the top and click on Add folder to workspace and select python folder which yoy created.
  • Now add a simple python code in
print("I just installed visual studio and its working fine")
print("Thanks for taking through this tutorial")
  • Now click on Run file in terminal
  • Verify the result of code.


This tutorial is prepared with lots of efforts and with complete practical demonstration. In this tutorial we demonstrated what is visual studio code is and how to work with visual studio code. Also we learnt how to install python extension and executed a successful python code. This would give you as a developer or devops engineer a very good start if you are new to Visual Studio code or development.

I would request you to please share the word with others and go through tutorial if you find it useful.

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