Fixing an Ubuntu System that Will Not Boot

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How can you fix an ubuntu machine if its causing issues? There could be various reasons and sometimes your machine even don’t boot, that’s a huge problem !! Why not fix it or learn how to fix it permanently? Lets begin!

Steps to be performed when system will not boot.

  1. Checking BIOS
  • If your system is unable to boot even with LIVE DVD or USB Drive , there could be two possibilities.
    • You accidently deleted the boot device or
    • Its an Hardware issue.

2. Checking GRUB

  • If you are able to turn on the computer on and get past the initial BIOS startup then bring up the GRUB menu .It could be that few things might have overwritten which can be solved by using the recovery mode. Lets learn how to recover all the things.
    • Press Shift after the BIOS is done to access the GRUB menu.
    • Select Advanced Options for Ubuntu.
    • From the new menu, select an entry with the words recovery mode. This boots into a recovery menu with options to automatically fix several possible problems, or at least it lets you boot into a minimal recovery-mode version of Ubuntu with only the most necessary processes loaded. From here, you may be able to fix disks, check file systems, drop to a root prompt to fix file permissions, and so on.
  • In case you are unable to bring up GRUB menu then reinstalling GRUB is the only option. Lets learn how to reinstall GRUB.
    • Boot Ubuntu from a live DVD or bootable USB drive that has the same Ubuntu
      release as your system, such as 16.04.
    • Determine the boot drive on your system:
      a. Open a terminal and use sudo fdisk -l to list the drives attached to the system.
      b. Look for an entry in the output with an * in the Boot column. This is your boot
      device. It will look something like /dev/sda1.
    • Mount the Ubuntu partition at /mnt by using this command, replacing /dev/sda1
      with the information you just found:
      sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
    • Reinstall GRUB with this command, again replacing /dev/sda1 with what you found
      sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda1
    • Restart the computer, and Ubuntu should boot properly.


In this small and very important post you learnt how to bring back ubuntu machine that doesn’t boot and learnt ways to recover them in future !!

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